See What Master Mastic Can Do For You:



Our commercial services include: sealing expansion and control joints, precast concrete, random cracks,  semi-rigid joint fillers.  We service amenity centers, restaurants, fire/police buildings, government buildings, hotels, power plants, medical buildings, and warehouses.


We offer our services to individual homeowners. Cleaning and sealing your wood, plastic and mastic joints around your property not only helps maintain it’s beauty but also the integrity of your investment.

Mastic can be installed in the rotten wood joints, cracked plastic deck joints, and old mastic surrounding the pool, patio or house. Other areas mastic is installed in are wood and fiberboard driveway/sidewalk joints, and vertical control joints in the brick or stucco siding.


Our expansion joint sealing helps maintain the integrity of the joints on your pool, deck, hot tub, patio, porch, stonework, etc. thus preventing water and debris from invading the joints and eroding the soil beneath these surfaces.

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