Our commercial services include: sealing expansion and control joints, precast concrete, random cracks,  semi-rigid joint fillers.  We service amenity centers, restaurants, fire/police buildings, government buildings, hotels, power plants, medical buildings, and warehouses.

Control joints are a type of engineering used to limit damage caused by the natural shifts and movements of a building over time. These joints are used in masonry, concrete, and drywall structures to minimize aesthetic and structural damage due to cracking. Rather than allow these objects to crack or break at random, control joints are used to guide excess tension to planned locations. This controlled cracking can make it easier to repair damage by keeping it concentrated in a single area, rather than across the entire surface.


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  • Commercial Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Commercial Services
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  • Commercial Services
  • The Golf Club in Castle Hills

    The Golf Club in Castle Hills

  • Holiday Inn Jacksonville Tx

    Holiday Inn Jacksonville Tx

  • TRA's Central Regional Wastewater System

    TRA's Central Regional Wastewater System

  • Hampton Inn Allen

    Hampton Inn Allen

  • Chick-Fil-A


  • Western Warehouse, Dallas

    Western Warehouse, Dallas

  • Big Shucks

    Big Shucks

  • Gulf States

    Gulf States