We offer our services to individual homeowners. Cleaning and sealing your wood, plastic and mastic joints around your property not only helps maintain it’s beauty but also the integrity of your investment.

Mastic can be installed in the rotten wood joints, cracked plastic deck joints, and old mastic surrounding the pool, patio or house. Other areas mastic is installed in are wood and fiberboard driveway/sidewalk joints and wood and plastic deck joints.

Mastic is a specialized caulking designed specifically for expansion joints. This self-leveling urethane sealant is used in many different areas of construction. Mastic sealed around your pool helps prevent concrete movement due to soil saturation and expansion. It adds life to your tile and coping by reducing the dissolving effects of water saturation. Mastic helps to prevent weeds in the joint as well as unwanted pests, such as ant colonies, roaches, and other bugs.


  • Residential Pool Project

    Residential Pool Project

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  • Residential Pool Project

    Residential Pool Project

  • Gehan Community Pool

    Gehan Community Pool

  • Residential Mastic Project

    Residential Mastic Project