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Ready to Be Your Own Boss? We Franchise!

Mastic Menders by Master Mastic is expanding! Own a piece of the largest caulking company in DFW by becoming a franchisee. Please complete the form below or Email Us for details.


Meet Our Newest Franchisee!

I am thrilled to announce that I, Justin Stock, will be the proud owner of Mastic Menders, a leading franchise in the home repair industry. With the support of my wife of 13 years, Lynzee, and our two wonderful children, Sawyer (12) and Journey (10), we are excited to embark on this new adventure together.

As a family, we have always valued hard work, respect, and working together as a team. These values are what have kept us together through thick and thin, and we are excited to bring that same energy and dedication to our new business venture.

Our Purpose

We have been servicing DFW with quality waterproofing solutions for nearly 20 years. Preventing water and other elements from entering or exiting a structure, protecting your structures from water infiltration and soil erosion, and permitting limited movement of the substrates is our focus.

More importantly, our purpose is to provide dependable and accurate service.

We are dedicated to your peace of mind!